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And In a Women

April In the Golden Isles

The Dawning Day

Midnite Sea

Chic-Pea Soup & Beer

Dreamer of Dreams

Full Sun

Jet HWYs

Brimstone Park

Mind Felt

No Need For Apologies

One Hundred HWYs Ago

She Was Cool

Standing In a Raindrop

Summer's Girl

The Birth of Tragedy

The Cries of Being


An Autumn Weekday

To Be Alone

The New Thing

The Morning After

Semen Colored Sky

Vintage America

Spinning 'Round

72 Hours at a Time

In a Friendly Graveyard

3 Short Poems

Little Surprises


Something of a Dream

The Man Who Loves YOU

Snow Fall

Wet Earth / Virgin Womb

Don't Bring


Outside New Orleans

Black & White Magic


I'll Hold Your Hair

Diesel Drops on Flowers


Misty Mountain Mouse

Beyond Blue

Daffodils in February

Pacific Son

Modern Day Poetry

Welcome to the American Night




By John Alan Conte`, Jr.



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