Summer’s Girl


And in time

The clouds passed by

Leaving behind a deep blue sky

Knowing that beyond the trees was forever

The street, cars, and barking dogs seemed small


And then

I saw her again

The angel from the blue continent

Beyond the concrete and houses

There she was

My words fell heavy

(My head filled w/a million butterflies)

Nothing could describe her beauty

And I never felt more alive


A vision – beautiful vision

When her lips parted for a smile

My whole being opened-up

Dizzy in her eyes

-They went on forever-

Beyond the horizon & tide’s reach

Beyond my fool’s garden

Truth severed and scattered for all

All that goes seeking in the forest

All that dances to the poetry w/in music


Go. Leave me alone. Leave me again.

I don’t care. I’ll die utterly alone.

I’ll die on my own throne in a wintry home

Behind the mirror, broken and under the floor

With gold covered sun thoughts – saturating

I dance. I eat. I toil in love and die.

I know you love me – it hurts as it grows

It grows and it ripens

And makes an earthy wine

Devoured by your mouth and lives on inside you

Or it withers and dies on the vine in an autumn sun


Either way I live for today

I go on navigating w/an animalistic desire

And I know you love – I know love is there

And it makes you go away – and always return