Brimstone Park


Red carpet swingers up all night

Upright bass & high hat layin’ it down

There is parading in every state

There are Pow-Wows in the prairies

And, how about that Brimstone Park?

“Once more that boy is hot!”

He lives underwater with a snake –

Visits the Vinyl Shop on S. 18th Street

Summer days agree with him –

He looks healthier and better suited

On the corner of 16th and 17th

There’s a store w/old lunch boxes

A tribute to schoolchildren & blue collars

I heard Bob Zillar was gonna buy’em all and

Use his torch to transform them into a Teepee

Where we can all dream with sweet grass

Maybe this trip’s too long….

She’s already sun burnt and it’s only May

Her freckles are showing - highlights are red

Pass all the coffeehouses and bagel shops –

Keep walkin’ to you get that far bye the café`

There are trees in-between all of the corners

“Allot of green space here, huh?”

Mapped out that way by ancient visitors

-         came from mud and stars

-         communicate w/out talkin’

-         don’t even know if they had eyes

And in a labyrinth of streams and rivers

We’ve navigated ourselves to towns & cities

“We have to stick together now!”….

In fear of being labeled and killed

We rise in lazy glory over the new economy

In a field of Zeros and Ones -

We’re whipped by the project overseer

We struggle to lead in a reality we know

- A code within a code of logic….