Modern day Poetry


                                  A fast fall toward failure

                               The kind that gives strength

                             Aborting fear where rivers run

                             Behind the sun in tears of gray


                                       Tomorrow never comes

                                        I know Im here to die


                                     The moon is tired.

                                       Its the way of death.

                                   Freedom in a casket, skeleton wings,

                                    & the old crows music.


                                         And I lie to you to be reborn

                                    And drink anodyne to deal w/ bores

                                          And rewrite the passing time

                                   Yet only use it in the fire ashes upon gold

                                         Money in the laughter of famine,

                               Old white men w/ lacings, women w/ desire.


                                            Oh, peace, come ashore.

                              Let my grapes grow and bleed full for your glass

                       Let my roses fall upon your shoulders instead of this world