Full Sun


Full Sun in the apartment

            It’s after their death – rotted orange peels on the ground

          Everybody now knows about it – brittle bones and hairs

This whole place is one disease – a warm stench of fueled rockets

The parking lot is brown and green and covered w/ sumac tress

A dirty mattress upright and against the wall –pale bodies blue w/ veins-

Nooses around the necks, arms tied to their sides in a limp form of wiry

And blood.  Blood shining in the full sun – translucent, placid and queer

There’s a feeling time has stopped. It lasts forever like an eternal star in blackness

With the rolling bye of cars and rumbling from the train tracks – we vibrate

Yellow rubber gloves filter the smell of death in our nostrils as we gasp for breath

It’s quarter past ten . Summer is warming up the black asphalt of the city streets

Nervous men and  women scurry about - worrying again – w/ conscious anxiety

It’s too much for anyone to take – we’re all about to explode, panic or run

Yet there’s this will to continue breathing no matter how dead or alive truth is

            And in a silky sea of screams – I know I am underwater – a life of hidden treasure


                                    Moth Man Prophecies (the scene w/ sex in the closet a block from here)