Pacific Son


The whale’s back was dry with sand

It was weird seeing this aquatic mammal

Dead. sad and lonely on the land

The Oregon skies spit a mist not rain

The Pacific tide tried to reach & retrieve

Its majestic son of the sunset sea.

A strange witness to this all -

Was a crane – slender and tall

Its eyes looked rich as it flew away

Then I was alone – the only one

So I cut the whale’s tongue and began to eat

In an effort to preserve its ancient lineage

I ate and prayed to all around me and beyond

Awakening, I felt the Pacific North West

In my blood, soul, and being – and –

I screeched, howled, screamed and sang

With this whale’s blood in my veins

Still dripping from my teeth & down my mouth

And when I returned to Eugene

The people all smelled funny to me

- a pungency I never sensed before

And I noticed they all looked differently at me

No longer was I – yet I still knew I was – a stranger

In a strange land seeking something meaningful