Something Of A Dream


The Earth spins round and orbits the sun

A massive planet suspended in perpetual motion

Rains flourish rivers that flow to the seven seas

And crash along the shores of volcanic continents


There is aquatic life in dark caverns we'll never know

Beautifully bright, bold colored scales of intricate design -

From humble seeds, vegetation reaches for light of sky

Connecting through waters thousands of feet deep and dark


The jungles are wrapped in hot sticky air and spanning vine

You can hear the trees grow and tell secrets of their silence

Off in the distance - in a drum beat w/ singing of birds & toads

Ants bite & burn the flesh of a woman (w/ child) weaving fibers


Spiders are waiting for the essence of life to vibrate their webs

Food for existence, predatory law for our consciences.  We are.

The cosmos is our web of life - Music of stars vibrate our being

We shine w/ a nonchalant smile. Your hand on my thigh. Radiating love.


You are one of the reasons I am here. One of the paths that grow my circle -

A collective consciousness that expands to the limitlessness of cold, black light -

Thousands of hands reach out for touch - and I've found yours - warming -

Dreams guide the way - signs, symbols of how to get back to you & claim sanctuary