Dreamer of Dreams


She went to bed to dream

A thousand prayers in gold

From ancient Egypt to West African shores

And the frozen landscape of the shrewd Northern world

Gazing past the sepulcher of the wild Tundra

Below, Southland, into the virgin forests of America

It was here where she relished in dreams w/ ancestors

Witnessing again the conjugal affection between mother & father,

The ethereal love of family far from the paltry tribulations of modern life.

Running through these sacred forests in scattered images of the dark bark of trees

Under a canopy of green leaves, gliding on top velvet moss & soft rich earth,

Congenial soil for thick beautiful vegetation and all its sweet, flowery aroma

Rising w/ pungency and filtering through her tiny nostrils relaxing an excited brain -

Filled w/ a knowledge of elements and all that is nature, all that she senses while running

Her bouquet of golden locks shaking loosely and shimmering in the sunlight

And the Dreamer of her dreams, an omniscient presence of virility and wanton love,

Covers her distance - following like light from the sun, moon and stars as the very

Wind that wraps around her being, caressing her form, blowing & cooling her wet skin

She runs in these dreams every night, always reaching nirvana, always as he finds her,

He, the virile Dreamer of her dreams alive w/ sudden fury of shooting stars & forging love.