Wet Earth



                    Ö. and I awoke to a strange sensation

                                                                 in a field with wild flowers and tall grass

                     squinting in the morning sun

                                                                      not knowing where Iíve been

                            and what Iíve done


                                          (fresh cum seeping from my cock)


                             was it a dream encounter?

                                                                           or some untamed mountain maiden?


                       Then I heard a catís meow, and a barking dog


                                                      while out from behind the trees

                                                      came my earthly pleasure

                                                      also covered in mud


                                                       smiling her gentle smile

                                                       that holds a thousand men captive

                                                       behind those shiny eyes.


                                        Wet earth

                                                            sultry skin

                                                                                     Is this how our

                                                                       creation beginsÖ?





                                                     Virgin Womb


                        A universal affair exists between the moon & the sea          

                         How else can you explain the abundantly strange

                               packs of dolphins and whales in this January tide

                                              off the coast of Mexico ?


                                               Beautiful Ė dance.


                                               Erratic instinct

                                                              of the deep sea

                                             and elevated mountain air



                                                        & Rattle Snakes


                                   breathing the same breath of life

                                                          & feeling the same vibrations

                                            of the moonís magnetic waves

                                   rippling our mantras through the Seas of time  

                                       who cries tears of passion

                                       sings a song of moaning tone,

                                       lonely space w/out

                                       your loverís breath

                                       ever so near

                                       yet far away

                                       from you tonight.

                                       the clock ticks

                                       sounds of people.

                                       ticking sounds

                                       of musical laughter.

                                       weíre glad youíre here 

                                       - we can entertain each other

                                       - grab your being w/ a lucid hold

                                       fluid hand

                                       away we go