Black & White Magic


She laid her hands upon my head

Keeping them there, prayed for an hour

She prayed in English & African tongue

Trying to protect me from what she saw

The dreams I confessed – she knew

She was afraid for me.  I liked her.

I did some of my best work in her class

Rolling w/ it, writing, reading, living

Once attended a Baptist mass w/ her family

There was a group from the State Penn

Playing guitars, drumming and singing

The feeling was intense.  Happy to be free.

Everyone felt it – but me.  Wicked WASPs,

From graveyards in Martha’s Vineyard ,

They were pursuing my life’s blood

An exchange for the appeasement of my vanity


Empty promises in exchange for a blood ring.


Lean blonde hair blue eyed America dealing

Black magic.

And the dark African teacher -

Healing White.

Many miles later there was Carlos Castanada’s

Don Juan w/ a reoccurring moth.

The moth appeared from my closet - when mentioned

In the Book