And in a woman


And in a woman’s cry the world is rocked

Her belly is a symbol of the sea

For in an ocean is the duality of life

And in this cycle of creation & destruction –

In this darkness, in this bright light, we are born

Fallen and scorned as soon as we breathe air

And scream to again drown in the dark fluid

Here is death – peace – light – and forever

An eternal reward in the garden of the universe

Without question we exist and imagine more

The answers are untold to any who ask –

And are only given to those who forget & seek -

Wipe the brow of the mother, hold her hand & be brave

And in a woman I wrestle w/ the cycle of life & death

I rock back and forth w/ an anxious desire to live & die

To be inside this swirling sea of planets, stars and space

And feed from the fluid of life & shrivel up in toxic heat

All a woman is I feel in the crossings of my soul

My existence here on earth is from a woman –

And again & again in a woman is where I must return