Is more important than a child


More beautiful, more precious, more special.

The eyes of a child taken in…

The ears of a child….

Innocent oscillated thought about

The world

Clean and untouched

Without blemish

Without discrimination

Without right or wrong.


The mouth and hands of a child

Express what they feel

Express what they believe

Reflect the world

As a clean mysterious nature.

Listen to this child

For he has not yet been persuaded

He will express pure waters of truth

Which could replenish our biased souls.


Nothing is more inquisitive than a child’s mind.

Let it blossom as naturally

As the beautiful wild flower in the wood.

Then try to paint its picture.







John Alan Conte` JR

1990 or 1991?

Marquette University

Milwaukee , WI

Written for my nephew, Thomas John Taverna (Tommy), who was six at the time