In the crowded city streets of San Francisco and New York

Waiting for the sun to finally fall to again experience the weird & insane

-         to escape the pop-framed mundane & arise from concrete ashes

-         An elevation w/ stars - at such a perilous height

Tripping, stumbling, trying to run and kick the night to the other side of morning

From bloody sun to bloody sun – red belly skies across American & Russian cities

Landing gear, squeals, velocity aborted, rumbling down a runway somewhere not home

Nobody really knows the youth shot in the arm, mistakenly trapped in a t.v. set

Patterns of numbers and images of sound transmitted through waves of oceans

I pass bye.  You look and smile from-with-under your hat, feel numb and forget

Maybe fame won’t find us in these cabs, streets, bars & hotels – where I see something

Back there - over my shoulder  - as I remember to look behind before I leave

Swimming in moonlit tides with the best and brightest of our generation

Outpacing her traces – where she can no longer rot my teeth with sweet, plastic kisses