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“Unhealthy obsession with Julia-Jakob streamlined”
3 Fav Recent Julia Allison Pics
Harris Faulkner on "PrimeTime" Red Eye
I Was Talked about on Fox News Channel
Anna Gilligan is Proof God Exists
Hemmer, ...
OJ's 8th Birthday
If you have one guy worth $100 million
"if she were a bag of peanuts, i'd eat her at a baseball game"
recommended reading
Red Eye, All Access Rockers, Stimulating Dreams
the attire of Bill Schulz
If Anna Gilligan Were a ...
Schulz in the Streets
One of Ray Kurzweil’s predictions for 2099
Awesome Show this Morning
Anna Gilligan Returns to Red Eye
KDKA Scoops FNC _ But yet FNC Makes-Up for It By ...
I Was a Little Nervous to Meet You and Being around You
Because You Asked
Dec 26 & Dec 30 @ Chicago's House of Blues
Page is so Hot this morning...
Nietzsche posts = so glad a Julia Allison exists
Your Sanskrit Tattoo about Greg
Implants or Not
Alisyn and Gretchen
oh, that's why Alisyn's dress is to her ankes?!
Red Eye Needs a "Bill-rometer"
Too Shiny of a Face for the TV Camera
wow, check out Hollywood Emmy Guy ("Evan")
Ainsley for a Saturday Dec 22 '07
Sent in a Check
Courtney Friel for Monday, Christmas Eve, December 2007
one cold
w/ names like Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy...
Sunday's HouseCall for December 30, 2007
In Honor of Benazir Bhutto
New Year's Resolution
kudos to Bill S. from Red Eye