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Spring Break "At Large"
Red Chair Setting
Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon

Gingrich's Comment Regarding Pelosi's Trip
the first rock and roll band to describe their music as "psychedelic"
"i'd rather by high & safe than not high & unsafe"
Karin & the red roses
Really Robin
New E-Book "Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media"
Rachel is way hotter than Trishelle Cannatella _ (it's like)
Dear Bill
Hot Heidi
Fox & Friends and Red Eye
Coyote Attacks in NJ
the blade is getting dull
Sitting Bull's "scalping knife and sheath"
the girl & your father's law firm
a vision of Rachel and Julia
hot 19 yr. old blonde stripper
Red Eye PrimeTime Debut
Violent Outcomes
Roses To CNN
April 19- 22
"practice makes perfect: fat cat plays the piano"
Hey Hot Hannah
as Beautiful as a "Ingrid Bergman" Red Rose
$ segment w/ Robin and Jennifer
"People Are Strange" _ (and then there's Red eye)
Brooke Anderson these past few days
Red Eye 9/6/07