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Brooke Anderson = A+++
Hot Hannah and Julie Chen _ Swimwear Segment
Hi, Julie Chen = A+++
The Acquittal of Colonel Kurtz: Apocalypse Now
Hannah Storm & Julie Chen = A+++
Karin and Gerri Willis
Julia Allison as guest on programs
Heidi Collins = A+++
"What do I think about Paris?"
the Hiltons
Jackie Collins _ On the Record w/ Greta
Courtney Friel on Red eye Last Nite _ 6/12
Larry King Last Nite W/ Regis and Matt = A+++
Julia Allison on Red eye 6/13
Ween @ Mr. Small's Theatre 6/14/07

Alisyn's shoes
Gay Mommas Boys and Hot Women
Suzanne Sena
Never Quit the Fight
Looking This Hot
Up With the Sun: Documentary on Morning Anchors
100 Hours of Insanity
Ainsley Earhardt on Red eye 6/21
Carly Simon
Yesterday & Today
WoodWard sticker
HouseCall w/ America's Doctor
Hi Kiran
hi Paula
Who Else But Larry King