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will have cool pictures soon _ written picture for now _
When Science Fails Us
Suzanne Malveaux in the Situation Room 4/6/07
Anna Gilligan on Red Eye last nite = A++++ _ ("10")
Sonni Abatta
ShowBiz Tonight 8/7/07 = A+++
Harris Faulkner = A+++ tonite 8/8/07
Drugs and Stars: a Showbiz Tonight Special Report
Re: hollywood agent guy
Suspicious Minds
Hi Becky
Becky's Hair
American Idol: The World Is a Stage
Home Grown Terror
hanging w/ Robby Krieger: an afternoon & evening
Kilmeade on Red Eye Last Nite = One of the Best Red Eye's (Ever)
To: Sean Lennon _ _ _The U.S. Vs. John Lennon
Sheriff Desert Joe Diamond and Ultimate Detention for DMX
Reshaping American Perspectives from the 50's to Now: It's 2007
CNBC "Cat Fight"
Dear Mr. Greg Gutfeld
Janice Dean on Red Eye
Page Hopkins
Why E.D. Hill Is Cool
FastTrack: When Golfing w/ President of Major MultiNational Corporation?
twice on Last Sunday
Who's Been Deleted, Added, Repositioned??? Top 50 Hottest Women of Eveyday Media 2008

documentary on Pittsburgh Blues Artists
As a Gentleman Thought Gretch Would Want to Know These ()= Pics Are Out There
Great Camera Work on AmericasPulse w/ E.D. Hill
E.D. Hill is smoking hot like a pot belly stove = A+++
i heard Jessica Simpson was at the Steeler game last night
2008 New Year’s Resolution that U.S. Government Should Make for Its People
"Live" ShowBiz Tonight = Britney Hospitalized
Re: "we took the time to fall into the life of Ms. Allison and were suprisingly hooked."
Jane Skinner
David Letterman to PLay Andrew Carnegie in Mini Series = Steel American Royalty???
Penguins and Sabres NHL Winter Classic