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Becky Quick on air today
Last Nite's Red Eye
dear F&F: dates for Interviews in Manhattan
dear Greg Kelly: _ + Fox News Live Weekend FINALLY GETS ITs "A"-GAME ON!!!
Page and Bridget
dear Early Show: dates for Interviews in Manhattan
Sex On TV _ ShowBiz Tonight 10/15
Gretchen 10/16
Greg's Finally Changes His Jacket _ New on Red Eye
Fox News Live (on Saturday)
Gutfeld on F&F
"I drink to deal w/ assholes - This includes myself."
Can you please tell Dana Perino
OklaHomo: The Musical Starring Mike Jerrick
Megyn, will you marry me???
Sonni Abatta Mon Nov 26th
"The New Media"
You're at #2 in the Final Draft _ Soon to be Released
Betty Nguyen Sun Nov 26th
Thanks for Talking about Me on FNC
Harris Faulkner on "PrimeTime" Red Eye
Greg, you are a sell-out dick!!!
"ThanksGiving" + Candyfloss
Jodi Applegate Fox 5 NY
Martha, Gretchen and Alisyn w/ Steve and Brian
OK, Greg Is Not A Sell-Out Little Dick After All
gift for Julie Banderas C/O of Greg Gutfeld Red Eye
a special thanks to Brian Kilmeade and Juliet Huddy
Sex w/ a Ghost
Wow, Your X-BFriend People's Sexiest Man!..
"People Are Strange" _ (and then there's Red eye)
Julia Allison's New Hair Cut
Hi PrimeTime Paula
"After Don Imus -Who Knows What People Can Say" 4/27/07