Why I Wander, Dear

Why I wonder, dear,

What it'd been for you

to have been my wife

Why am I wondering

if we coulda made a life

Maybe that's why I wander

thru the honky tonk neon lights

Still think'n, still sittin' & drink'n

When's it gonna work out all right

I remember that big storm in South Carolina

We held each other under some shelter so tight

And the one night we didn't want to say goodnite

And now seeing two people holding hands

Walking down along where waves meet the sand

I go back to that walk on the beach to your daddy's pool

Among all those big giant homes and tall palms & pines

Guess why I'm still wondering if you woulda been my wife

Why I wonder, dear, if we would've made it all right

The colors run on the leaves like when you left for University

I sent those Lauren dresses to you at your Athens, GA sorority

I wouldn't leave the big city and you were in your Southern Living

Yeah, I still have that picture and read that article like it was yesterday

Oh, What could've been me or us I guess why I wander, dear . ..