The Language of Your Brain

We’re all a little different

And yet similarly the same

Where we are individuals

With special care dispensed

I yearn to learn the ways of you

What I call language of your brain

Our body contains billions of cells

And like a lighting storm it takes

Actual voltage to help you awake

Together we can keep memories

And create new ideas there as well

Through the language of your brain

I’ll help so the axons don’t collapse

To go from pre to post synapses

Carried all along the synaptic cleft

As two go out three come in the gate

Resting and grading and pumping

Electric impulse we see frame by frame

The memories and ideas like our poetry

All from locating the tone of your stuff

Allowing me to learn languages of a brain

Organically stimulate and inhibit or activate

Speaking code to the address of each domain

Hippocampus. Neurocortex. How complex.

I’m reaching you thru the language of your brain