I Didn't Choke

These lyrics with a certain melody came into my head at dusk 8/4/15 so I wrote down the lyrics and here's live video of music for the song (I really don't feel worthy compared to studio pros but) live acoustic 6 string from my back porch capturing live music in the process of creation most don't share this early on (but I had a haunch it was evident ;)


Words: for "I didn't choke" ...


Cause every time

I feel stupid

I think of you

How you were with me

We know I guess

We know why ...

Come on

Sit beside me

Tell me

All those woes.

This bar won't close

Until we're through


Even if I could be

Whoa that paranoid

I didn't choke, didn't

Riding you til' I broke

Such a spent Valentine

Ah, when I awoke

A tale to become folk;

La La La, I rose awoke

La la la la la la - la la la


Watch: Music for "I didn't choke"