Emergency Buddha

Sun stretches across the sky

as Tibetan Terriers remain as poised as a set of lions

at the sides of a colossal gate of an ancient temple in-tune with more than common

awareness surrounding

while people are doing a daily routine some sit or stand swallowing spoon-fed news over a breakfast Good Morning America's advertisers have paid big money to make certain George helps cover-up the collective pressing agenda of & gleam along with polished white teeth & pricey Georgetown haircut


Meanwhile. spraying off city sidewalks is the most refreshing Manhattan movement

meaningfully replicated elsewhere

Bees buzz - stoned on fresh pollen

Above jets dart transporting organic and in-organic matter world-wide.

most unaware beyond self-importance.


small batch coffee is brewing permeating the alley ways of life with a signature pungency

echoing in the caverns of memories like stale beer striking a stranger in a transient tavern but rather innocently as childhood discovery dunked like bread newly anointed in a cup of Morning-Joe.


Brooms help reinforce garden hoses used on sidewalks of last nite brushing away its dust & dirt


Walking down a certain favorite avenue to stroll down she feels sun-light hitting her face and then it's all happening in quick seconds of time as the sun-light blazes in her eyes and she is fully enjoying the way it is making her feel. ..


stimulating the senses

lubricating her spirit

& illuminating her mind's eye.

she releases when hitting the vortex

Powerful ley-lines at perpetual work


A  giant web connects infinite sources of light within our universe

- (or what we allow ourselves to think we know of it) -

Collectively we beam as one. however a select few are detecting vibrations.

shining brighter,

transmitting clearer tones

On their strand of web they share with like-minded-souls

alerting by calls beyond explained language.

akin to a tribe resilient in the face of heavy obstacles.

 - primitively modern yogi.


Is it your turn to die today?


Invoking his emergency Buddha

he defies their eager mistakes

and he escapes the planned

impending death.

And in the reality of enlightenment

slows it all so he can accomplish good.


Another day to perform our art

- and another anticipated night to pray for it together -

as spiders mechanically chatter inside

a cosmic web of life