You Get What You Deserve

Rushing waters jettisoned time

Coming up on him frothing & foaming

His toes, feet, legs, sex organ, torso

Arms, neck, shoulders, head & hair water

Surrounding him at Zuma where he lie

Receding with a powerful Malibu tide

Exfoliating his skin while sand dragged back

Into the parade of Pacific aquatic pageantry

All the labels cast upon him dissipated with

Each rough yet gentle wave directed by Moon

He had been drinking on Sunset since Noon

If it wasn't for his tolerance he might die high on

Champagne, Bloody Mary's, banana margaritas

Labels cast to set him in a net by the starving

Unsatisfied appetite of ignorance and hatred

His wanted demise currency like Pieces of Eight

The currents kept taking it away and depositing

Out there in the middle of a dark deep ocean

As the salt sea air tickled his nostrils memories

He could be anywhere and felt that unaware

And so surprised to awake at home so alive

Shifting sands of time took placed labels & traps

Inside a reality called now rendered meaningless

Spanning time from midnight to dawn's highway

In the course of over thousands of rugged years

Kind of a thing designed by Business of Poetry