University Job

Got a job at the university

Testing answers not yet seen

We need empirical evidence to

Conclude my theory is correct


Sometimes I feel like the rat lab

Hardly getting out of the cage &

When I do they keep injecting me

Caught up for tenure in this race


Unknown answers will cure cancer

As we work away to "Tiny Dancer"

We use Petri dishes for cymbals

Music inspires my university job


Maybe I'll change your world

And you'll remember me in mine

I hope to discover it in my lifetime

Riveting science made by design


For all of you walking sidewalks

I see you. I feel you. I love you.

And I'm geeked like a dog in heat

Pursuing knowledge like it's tail


I live in a hotel room & if I fail

I'm gonna have a mighty big bill

And when I win I'll buy a house

Rescuing my favorite lab mouse