At the Boca Club

At the Boca Club

If you can get up

You can go for a rub

*No one wears any socks

So many in the hot tub

A code for your lock

Look there's the president

Here at the Boca Club

Why yes he's a VIP resident

He was grandfathered in

There's no final word

The White House begins

Like a senator in session

That's better for his dementia

To continue to serve

Learn to forget

The President likes to bet

That's how he won

He knew the odds

But can't predict

The model has been broken

All the computers hacked

They're trying to hack a mind

Trouble for the whacking find

We advise don't be like Dick

Here at the Boca Club

It's our members that matter

So whatever you shatter

Does split together time

We smoke & drink unlike the dud

It's something we do for Old Mum