Vampire's Gun 


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Title Vampire's Gun
Vampire's Gun
Rimbaud & Jim Morrison
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Dream a dream of stars in deep blue skies woven worldwide
Over glaciers and hill tops – The curving road opened up (as far as it goes).
And, in blinking seconds with waves crashing against the sand,
A memory is made. Pictures with feelings – Where first take is perfected –
Broken up and shattered. Dancing glimmer -On the Lake’s tranquil water. Real organic-
A place where you can always return with rewarding feelings known of “be-ing” there
Where something made for you in a dream of dreams appears in the setting sun
Over your house. Out there in the horizon – Day break and impending night
A place where couples are known to unearth hidden secrets of love

John Alan Conte` JR,
Summer, August 2002