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Ill Love You in Chicago :
Welcoming Smiles Of A Big City

Pulling back the thick hotel curtains
Taking in the blue,
Chicago morning
Concrete, river, sky. Tall bldgs. in golden-white sun,
Bodies walking & talking on the busy sidewalk  

A few moments ago, she was on top of me.
Her long bedroom hair and those eyes
Shining like
California stars above Sonoma s vineyards.
My Golden Isle sun pepper-brown colored skin against hers -
Hers., Pure as white driven snow blown 
From Northern storms in the sea  

as the soft high-count cotton sheets of the shabby-sheik hotel -
Surrounding the head of my talented, virgin-American queen -
W/ her Royal blue eyes rolling like steamboats along the
Ohio .  

Below the cylinder shaped towers of The House of Blues Hotel,
The traffic is honking.  Coca-Cola trucks are grinding slowly.
Grinding first and second and third gears - Greasy w/ travel.
City trees are lit w/ white holiday lights.
Snow covers the green midwestern grass.  

Holding hands.  Forgiving & forgetting past. 
As we walk down the big city streets,
Ice is melting in the dreamy, warm winter skies of
Chicago .
Droplets fall from the verandas of grand stores onto our heads. 
A symphony, featuring everyday street sounds is being celebrated.
Its a phantastic rendition of a small town girls dreams  
Starting. Stopping.  Its all improv and not a conscious rehearsal.
Not at all.  And, we like it!  Its what we wanted all along.
We take the vibrations and start composing and directing truth,

Light, love, innocence met by rewarding experience and,
The beauty of coveting everyday life w/ out everyday expectations

I wanted you to let go of me so I could love you in Chicago .  
I wanted to love you in
Chicago .  I needed to and did.  
I was lonely here before you once before, when I was a student -
Not that long ago from
Deerfield Beach , Fla. and Milwaukee  

John A. Conte` JR Chicago, Sat. Morn, Dec. 28th, 2002