Vampire's Gun 


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Vampire's Gun
Rimbaud & Jim Morrison
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Chubby Mosquito


Chubby Mosquito  

Itís a mile into town
-Must look like such a clown-  

Walking, talking to myself
Singing to no-one-else  

Cars pass bye shiny & new
And Iím here left thinkiní of you  

A chubby mosquito on my hand
Sucking the sweet blood of a man  

-Wonít kill it!  Thereís no pain
With you Ė itís always some game  

If once, I just could feel love;
A chubby mosquito on a wing of a dove  

When you left you took the key
With this inside of me, can I be free  

Suck away at my hand
Sucking some blood from a man  

John A. Conte` JR
Winter/Spring 2003