Vampire's Gun 


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Title Vampire's Gun
Vampire's Gun
Rimbaud & Jim Morrison
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'Streetlights like lost ghosts
Haunting beneath the floor
An old riffle wound
Soldiers blue moon
Morning cracks a sound
Light penetrating darkness 
Whiskey & soda w/ mint
After work come together splint
The solitude of city walls
Stairwells where air stands 
Heavy in your lungs and still
Sandpaper tongue of pusses 
In a wet milky dream
Your childhood stands
Both tall & small
Upon your brow – eyelids shut
Yet never at sleep
When dreams aim for the heart
And lite your soul 
Like millions of city streetlights
A promise w/ a smile
A grin.
Pointed chin.
Muted lips
Pressing on my forehead.
A goodbye kiss –
That should only have been a way
To say, “Ill see you in a little while”.
But, past the tree line
And, beyond the rivers’ bend
Into open seas
Fabulously deep and wild..
There is where I now have to travel
To receive your touch of
Golden sun rippling through the water  

John Conte`