Vampire's Gun 


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Title Vampire's Gun
Vampire's Gun
Rimbaud & Jim Morrison
About A Day
Alligator Sun Cup
Along the Highway
An August Sun
Unflowered Disposition
And I Let You
Flowers on Tuesday
Galactic Milk
Angry Monkey
Sounds In My Head
It Keeps Going
Liquid Mouth
Pacific Highway
Atomic Dog
Magnificent Mile
You're the One
I'll Love You in Chicago
City Nite
Your Sea of Blue
Making it to the Sun
Blue Sunday
Chubby Mosquito

Atomic Dog  

In the street
A misguided missile
Ballistics, oil
High gas
The economy in the shitter
Are you moral?
Witch hunts in steel towns
Are you righteous?
Green rivers
Pig farms
Electric cars
Boom.  Zoom
Go ahead. Wipe us out.
Kill me. Hate me
Give me all your little hatred
I want it
I want it
Even though I don’t need it
Pack the streets w/ suicide bombers
Wipe us out.
There are always the stars
Beyond our reach
Shown to those who dream deep
Some strange organisms of space
Alive – Living – Not dead    

March 13, 2003
J. Conte` JR