Vampire's Gun 


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Vampire's Gun
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I like the sounds in my head.  

Beethoven, Bach, Tweedy
Rusted roots of recreated cities

Trains squealing high pitched metal
Crashing, smashing into one another
The sounds of Conrail yard, Amtracks
People going places
Flying overhead to
Alaska , Thailand , China
Women putting on their panties
Clowns taking off their make-up
And actors and actresses placing it on
Wheels rolling like thunder
Waves hitting continental shores
Owls taking flight and landing
Snow melting in blue-sky sun
You holding my hand
And pulling me near
Picking apples for Kings & Queens 
And things Iíve never known before
Smoking cigarettes at
3 a.m.
Blue lights of TV tangled with stars
Gentle breath of the city at night
When it shows forgiveness and peace
The sound of me dying in dreams of purple
And youíre there smiling
Youíre all there smiling
The sounds of smiling for me
And I like the sounds in my head.
Rain coming down on green July leaves -
And on December rot iron and brown stones
Peace singing from elated lands & bottom sludge
Ecstasy ringing from perilous heights 
And the heel of my shoe when Iím dancing 
Dancing to fashion fading
And people mating through sound
When Iím dancing with lights of blue
And white hot stars 
When Iím dancing to quiet sounds with you  

John Alan Conte ` 
Aug. 10, 2002