Sent Poetry

Everyday There's Something
She Had an Epiphany
for all those soldiers & sailors who fallen after falling in love 8888
She was in his Dream
Desert Rose
The Fabric of My Life
Mamma Chiquita
Poem for E.D.
Body Language
Memorial Day
No One to Find Us: (written for Julia Allison)
Dedicated to Paris Hilton
Suzanne Maveaux in Red
All Together Now
Car Bombs
Cast Aside Your Veil
You Are On My Mind
What a Mess
Not Good Enough
The Barnyard Door
Mescaline music
Deer Woman
Everybody's Famous Next to Her
Foreshadowing: She Sent Him an Email
She Walked Like a Ferris Wheel
After We've Tried Suicide: For Owen Wilson
Perfect Days
When Science Fails Us
Channel 5
Deceptive Temptation(s)
an Inspired Poem _ Daniel Johnston and the Devil: Hi How Are You?
Perfect Days
Channel 5