1. Be Myself
2. One pay check away
3. Everyday There's Something
4. The most important jam session of my life
5. Saturday Morning with her sunday shoes
6. Princess Queen
7. Wasilla
8. I just want to tell you to tell me - you love me
9. Make fun of me
10. Wet Paint Hydration
11. Halls of Antiquity
12. Where is that?
13. Holy Alibi
14. Safe from Sorrow Now
15. Dream Higher
16. Guess I Don't Get a Love Song
17. Nothing in my possession
18. The Magnify Glass
19. The Phychiatrist
20. Tide of 1000 Bodies
21. Too Hollywood for Hollywood
22. Walk out the Door
23. You Don't Love me Anymore
24. A Little Hollywood USA
25. Everybody Wants to Know
26. Is my bald spot bigger than Jeff Tweedy?
27. Levi's and Adversity
28. No Big Deal
29. Old Man Crow



She was like the berry red on the bushes against the cold snow

Cook Inlet in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Hatcher Pass, George Parks Highway

As the navigation skills of an Iditarod Trail Sled Dog she knew what to do

A red berry on a bush that I knew I shouldn't, couldn't eat but wanted to go

On and on like an Athabaskan who learned to hunt not for sport but to survive

At the window sad and lonely I knew I had a song for the sun and moon and you

In a cabin strumming a six string acoustic guitar with the squalling wind and snow

Wool flannel, bourbon whiskey, wine, fine cognac and she had the gift of fire

I was a park ranger and couldn't see the danger in the miles of smoke she burnt

And I really don't care. I knew she was an actress who had fled the petty mores

Of men that constricted any belief in revival and the ways of a natural survival

I swear in the cities of San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh and New York

The people in the steeples had the hair on their necks raised when they caught a look