1. Diana Falzone
2. Maya Wiley
3. Megyn Kelly
4. Ginger Zee
5. Anna Kooiman
6. Kate Bolduan
7. Faith Jenkins
8. Joanne Nosuchinsky
9. Indra Petersons
10. Aditi Roy
11. Robin Roberts
12. Dana Perino
13. Kimberly Guilfoyle
14. Jennifer Gray
15. Julie Eckert
16. Nicole Beharie
17. Lucy Liu
18. Mary Rambin
19. Remi Spencer
20. Jackie Schafer
21. Brooke Goldstein
22. Melissa Harris-Perry
23. Emily Thomas
24. Claire Thomas
25. Yoko Ono



Faith Jenkins Esq.


Attorney. TV legal analyst. Legal pundit on Celebrity Crime Files on TV One. Fmr criminal prosecutor. #MissLouisiana #MissAmericaAlum Instagram: @faithjenkins1
New York, New York · faithjenkins.com

Faith Jenkins Esq. ‏@faithjenkins1 Jan 17
Happy 50th Birthday! RT “@FLOTUS: Excited to join Barack in the 50+ club today… check out my @AARP card! –mo

Faith Jenkins debates the use of cell phone jammers to jam phones after a Philadelphia man is caught jamming cell phones on a local city bus

8).  “Hotter than a pawn shop wrist watch.” .. “She’s so hot that the sun sues her for plagiarism.” .. “She’s so hot that her dentist wears oven muffins, Joanne Nosuchinsky.”
Joanne Nosuchinsky’s On Air Reels from Red Eye FNC 3 a.m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UU9UGTpDpQ&feature=player_embedded