1. In Chelsea lately
2. to you
3.Weed locker @ Denver Airprt new Wine Locker @ Capitol Grille
4. Old English Tapestries
5. Self Discovery & Individual Politics
6. Coffee Thoughts: Confessions

7. Magic of Circle like Atoms Vs. Finite Concrete like Squares
8. If Pittsburgh were transformed into a super hero comic book short film script for tonight. .. it might go like this." Starring Wiz Khalifa, Billy Gardell, Yo-Yo Ma and a 40 foot yellow rubber duck
9. Voices of Vinyl" _ a new poem for you
10. Thanks to everyone who's been against us = Your ...
11. Busting Jim Morrison
12. Cowboy Vampires
13. Glee?! is being busted, jailed & repeatedly raped & beaten best practice for non-violent drug "offenders"?! Cory Monteith
14. Summer Sunday Any Year
15. After the Terror - - - (a new poem written today)
16. The Magnify Glass (w/ proper editing) from e-book New Media Matters: an everyday art @ mystrawhat.com
17. Head to Toe Beauty
18. How to Get High from Social Media
19. Inconsequential Evidence
20. BIG New Everyday Media Web Seminar: Register NOW
21. a Song for Ashley Judd's run for the Senate (Democrat - Kentucky)
22. Devil Gonna Swallow You Whole --- How to deal with the devil = #new poem by John A. Conte` Jr. (Giovanni French & the new everyday media)
23. Perfect Little Hapiness
24. Mutilated Teddy Bear
25. Brilliance #new poem by John French & the new everyday media
26. "Hell" - a New Understanding by John French and the new everyday media
27. Organ Pie = a new poem by "John French" & the new everyday media
28. 100 yr old man's glass eye: i sleep like a baby
29. Cold Sunshine