The wall Breakers Club:

For the Curious Savage




Slow rapture.

A dreamt Tom wait’s song



We all live inside walls

Some of us our “crazy”

Down, we see them fall

Who cares if we’re all crazy


You’re probably lazy in bed

At 23 you were a rat wed

Spinning in the wheel

Your turn to kill a dream

A return to social class slavery

Textile cookie cutter machine

You breed.  You feed.

I wine.  I dine.  I die

For your hatred x twenty

I kiss death on the lips

Of screaming hollow body guitars

Made to sing and

Mimic sounds of jeweled rings

A thousand lies for unethical kings

Who are morally bankrupt

They rule for greed;

God’s speed everyone.

You killed art.

Fitzgerald in Paris –

I’m a rogue of Rue

I see.  Then I do.

I drink your fat fate

I love for your hate

Bring it x twenty

The sweeter I sing;

A laugh with rain

Sun, clouds

It’s all the same

I win – You don’t – No joke


Spring 2003

John Alan Conte` JR