Roky Erickson’s Brother


Roky Erickson’s Brother

I s a good man

He plays tuba in a little band

Called the Pittsburgh Symphony.

His name is Sumner.

He has long hair.


Wears glasses like Buddy Holly


Standing on stage at The Rex

Reciting poems for a Roky benefit

One for Roky written in a dream


Bands like Bingo Quixote

Performed renditions of Roky songs.

The poem I wrote was for him;

Roky sure had a strange trip.

Sumner is cool.

He’s totally there for him –too.

...Along w/ Peter Buck of R.E.M.,

Henry Rollins, The Butthole Surfers

And many others.

Money goes to Roky’s foundation

Where many of the mentioned sit.

Sumner talks about Roky with –

So much genuine compassion –

And he didn’t even really know

Roky all that well as a kid.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame –

The curator a Roky fan –

Sumner took him.

They had cake.

A BirthDay Cake for Roky

Before back to roots in Austin

-Where a music pioneer started-

And was railroaded by some bad guys.

Thank you for asking me

I’m honored to help serve justice

And feel privileged and humbled

By the whole experience & story.

‘Wonder if Kurt Cobain was a Roky fan


Winter – Spring 2003

John Alan Conte` JR