The game of war.

Board games at the cabin

Large kitchen table

Big bowls of grapes and blackberries


To do

Or not to do?

The question is:

Are you going to be somebody?

Donít you wanna be someone?

Love everybody

Hate yourself and want to die

Know that only faith has a chance

In Existential doctrines with realist beards

Black, dizzy, smoky-lung day dreams

From 20th Century linguists with a knack

For business, adventure, conscious thought

Like the heartbeat of the city, which plays, host

Show us your eyes!  Are they honest!  Mine are

Itís hard to lie when designed to hurt.

To prevent you from hurting and dying like me,

Words flow like a tickle of a pleasant dream

We  succeed.  Everyone struggles!  Except the lazy

And those afraid to make a leap of faith

And into the mouth of a black hole

-          The more energy Ė the better

-          Light, love, wisdom and a good bed

-          Clouds of heaven around blue earth

-          I see ya


John Conte`

April 7, 2003