Middle of the Bed


Collecting smiles in paper bags

Up to my mouth to unwind

Nowhere left to roam in this land

She’s a virgin no more – raped by an inferior man.

Who tells lies to get what he wants.?.

Candy red tulips – blood from the hunt

A collective imagination rotted by t.v.

Original ones given media V.D.

Forever young – burnt by cigarettes

My liquid tongue – speaking secret minarets

Rap is dead.  Rock already was

Shut your eyes while the needle’s in

Don’t know where you’re going

Don’t know where you’ve been

Racing with lost highways

Another lonely life to begin


Dedicated to Kurt Cobain:

The Amberdeen, WA Boyish-Queen

(1967 – 1994)


April 6, 2003

John Conte`


Inspired Thanks:



Melody Maker