Hole: C7


Can’t help but love her,

Stay away


She’s in.

Electric grin,



Your sin brings an angel a pair of plastic wings

The Devil’s on fire –

God on trial

And, death a happy dream -

                                Life, spoiled in an hour.

High school sweet hearts – Selfish sheep in vain

Punk’s cemetery savors defiantly sonic sounds

Teenage angst – married rationale – insane smile

Patterned success, ridden miles - shock my radio!

Come on, no more being - dumb, deaf & raped by lame narcissists in suits – sticking it to us over airwaves, on the screen and in the markets! 

Jesus, save us in pure magic, wisdom, Africa wired.

See heaven where it rises to meet fleeing souls

Numb coming of another martyr given for love.

Rusted Robot’s Child (C7) – A dairy bears your name -

Multi money media needs a new tragedy for fame:

Sweet Mary, the robot that bore a human child who gave a shit - Killed by hypocritical hands of a morally bankrupt society -

Whoever denies C7 won’t make a trip to heaven

-(Those folk who forgot to pull in their Chevy)-

While the rest of America recycles for forgiveness

Programmed to say - This is only a test


John Conte`

April 6, 2003