French Fries in Memphis


Ugly is just a word.

Your eyes say plenty.

More than a whore’s side shot

More than New Year’s

Left over confetti


Driving w/ an American in his truck

Two tons of coal and no hard luck

Beaten and bruised white-collar criminals

I’m apathetic; It goes bye – You suck!


French fries in Memphis – You taste like you could

Serve the servants – French fries in Memphis, as you should


A turnkey operation

Where words can never fail

More nails for the crosses that were saved -

A generation toasts to electrocution and another to global integration


French fries in Memphis – Revolution is sold

Serve the servants - French fries in Memphis all nite like greasy gold


I see you are for real

I follow you – You follow me

And it gets done.

Only halfway dreaming – Money made for fun


French fries in Memphis – A movement that will last

Serve the servants - French fries in Memphis ‘till it’s quarter past


Winter - Spring 2003

John Alan Conte` JR