Cartoon Physics


An intelligent acid trip

Chicks w/ dicks

Color from w/ in the light,

Shadows from Skyscrapers.

Earth spinning

Gravity still winning -

Against an expanding universe…

Black limos and a hearse

Dead musicians –

Erotic politicians

Texas radio


The big beat.

Radio waves -

Across our lemon skies –

Satellites propagating lies –

Disguising them as religion

And strange, robotic patriotism.

Then, a sudden primal cry

From the other side

Of bright morning -

We’re not sure where we are

But know where we’re going –

On the road


Very far

But very near.

A little scary

Yet really real.

Intuitively known

Instinctively seen

However, no proof for science

Oh, man – is it obscene to believe?

I’m a monkey man even w/ a God


Winter – Spring 2003

John Alan Conte` JR