So In Love with You


I reside to preside

Over your face

With a certain trace

Of purest love


I speak in the name

Of a certain game

We all fumble at

Called love


And we fight and

Forget to understand

We’re just a boy & girl

In love


In love w/ you

I’ll always be

Just happy when

You’re in love w/ me


Saturdays we make a date

And stay out late

Holding hands & drinking in

Our latest news and love


And Holidays aren’t Holidays

When you’re not standing near -

Oh I love you, my dear, and

Shower you w/ presents of love.


During the working week

My heart is constantly breaking,

Wanting every waking moment

Spent with you – proud and true


Don’t know what to do half the time

So I play with my guitars – try and go far –

Writing my mind on paper towels -

And sing these silly silly songs for you


John A. Conte JR