Leaving Home


Blushingly, she sat by the window

  looking hurriedly from with under her fleece hat.

Eyes engaged with subjects - solidifying her reality.

Inside the store across from the café stood a couple -

  they slowly walked in stride. A plane flew bye.

There was a dog smiling through a car window.

The strong smell of coffee made her think of last year.

It reminded her of sitting at the kitchen table with her

  father & mother and

      of discussion which led her to her now..


“But I don’t want to leave and go to college!

Can’t I get a job in town and stay here with you?!

I don’t even like Jefferson High. High school stinks!

I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go!”


He was looking at her again. He definitely noticed her.

She smiled inside; an employee lifted a cappuccino cup.

She felt his eyes upon her – She was innocent,

   however, her primordial excitement knew this seduction.

His eyes were very dark. Piercing. Yet, happily dumb

  like a trusting puppy always in love.

He was also dark – bronzed like a Native Indian warrior boy –

With his long thick hair unconventionally framing his broad face,

  high check bones and chiseled jaw line.

He was brooding too. And, he may pose w/ statuesque like confidence

  but, you could tell,  he exuded a young state of confusion as well.

This pleased her – for it made him vulnerable for love and

  a good torturing from art.

“God, he has an aura like Jim – Jim Morrison,” she thought.


“Trinity!” The voice startled her and caused her to abort her dreaming.

“Are you ready to head back home, honey? How was the orientation?”


January 17 2004