Impressions of a Scarlet Face


Bad, horny monkey

Shock jock w/ rating approval

A midnite pass to an Oasis

And here you are.

An heiress of Mr. Oanasis,

Troubled Dupont. Tasteful

Guggenheim – Hated for money.

Money in the bank -

Like free throws from Michael Jordan

A horde of individuals trying to change -

The world somehow. Well, according to

Mr. John Lennon - it all starts w/ peace

Of mind flowing down some cleansed river

Of tomorrow - Hope as the taxed navigator

And demons left in the review mirror.

Who cares if your cousin is queer?

We love it when they’re honest…

Kick boxing diets – and extra diaphragms;

We don’t wanna cram the world do we?

Improper breeding trivia – Maybe you shouldn’t.

Maybe you should let it be. Let it bleed.

We don’t know if that’s truth inside of you!

What if it’s malignant karma – A black cancer

Your cervical nerves turned special agent

If you’re not with it - enough to deserve it -

A misnomer gone to heaven for proper posture

-         Try prostrating toward the Sun and Moon

-         East and West – A candlelit room

In Zimbabwe where no one is perfect;

But, we make realizations and strive toward

A better being – more cultivated than

Your bloodthirsty hands.

Electrified by radio beliefs

And some tombstone stranger

You all know as a loving priest.

Already imprisoned you go to work.

On stage, you’re really something of a demonic beast

In those leather pants you feel like

Such a fucking big commercial correspondent jerk –

Like a member of The Cult

Trying to open a simple red door

Into real perceptions of musical poetry -

Unveiled for certain somebody’s -

Gifts of understanding the unknown -

A ritualistic desire for illogical moments

In excessive grief formed by pyramids of death

To certain angels who aren’t careful enough

-         we walk beside you, oh brother, of truth

-         oh sister, of the holy forest of day and black sparkling night

-         We hunt only for survival and not for game

We try and tame pale evil of tropic heated sunlight

In the eyes of predators and jealousy -

Inconspicuous immortality due to basic ignorance of

Man thinking outside the beauty of natural law -

A blind eye to something evil you once saw

In the pale blue light – Sun filled day w/ oceanic delight.

King of science, do you really think you can escape mother earth?

Pay in gold, silver and blood money what you are really worth?


John A. Conte JR

November 28, 2003