Four Warm Sunny Days of Mid November


I know what itís like

to love and hate

To be late Ė at quarter

past ten

When a girl crazy in love

has stomach pains

Cringing in anxious shame

wanting only you

And sunshine bends over

the south side of town

Like an uneaten friend

brought to bed

Covers over their head

 Needing to be fed some

wanton attention

A constitutional desire

for elevation

To be taken higher from

your desire

To be held in time with

infinite space around


In what direction do we go?

Gravitating toward the moon

Where continental tides

do flow

from a heart lighted with love.

Wings from a dove

Well below it trying to cut

Flight of FREEDOM Ė

weighing whoever is weak

down, down, down.

A pilot in a suitcase,

Canary in a coalmine,

Jack in the box, Garlic

Necklace and silver daggers

Ö Keith Richards


Mick Jagger Ė On the

Road in some sunny

American town Ė acting

The part of poet & clown

Ö adoration from Morrison

Dancing on fire w/ a girl in a gown

People on trial.

There is war.

Revolution misunderstood.

Hollywood realities.

I only care if she smiles at me.

What time could this be?

Yes, you, Mr. Lawrence Ferlinghetti!

Is it here and now?

Do you have the correct time?

Do you have a clue?

I donít need rescued!

I know whatís inside of you.


-(Times that by Nine)-

Thatís how much I hate.

How often Iím late.

How I never berate.

Thatís how much I love

How many rubs?

My golden rod in exile

Somewhere south of Spain