Cold As Mars


The wintry moon is cast very high

An illuminated crescent in its cosmic splendor over Happy Valley

The State College air is chill – is frigid.

Lungs of asthmatics are rusted and create even more dust

-Pathways of life- constricted by cold – cold as a mad dictator.

Class begins.


“Oh we’re not old,” the stoned physicist said with a chuckle.

“For this time around,” he continued while his eyes intensified -

A special type of foreshadowing that experienced students

had learned to detect and in those professors who gave it their all.

And, you either come to like it or not. Left you wanting more or not -

Thinking more along the lines of, why not?.. ..When asked why?

“On this very planet earth and its rather victorious successions

of rhythmic cycles of creation and destruction, this land that we

can never really truly attain (even though the vanity of  civilizations

always try and lay claim) – In terms of as old as the universe, old as space,

this land, my dear students, this land is just cooling from the burst of lava fires.

The past is a ghostly past and you can’t always see ghosts. Furthermore, you can’t always prove ghosts either. So, does science meet faith? No, of course not! Never. No, no, no no,

Rather it’s a blind intuition, a constitutional capacity to stick to your own convictions

when others that lack the imagination to think in dreams measured within merits of

unlimited possibilities (tracked down only by the cleansed creed that you just might not

ever know the divine secrets of the unknown), try and persecute you for these thoughts.

Just like the persecution of mystics who knew and poured their heart out to science - in

uncanny poetry – Einstein was a poet! Leonardo D’Vincci was a poet!

The scientists are missing evidence! For the scientific method for validating textbook

beliefs for numb followers fails us, betrays us and leads one to authoritatively say, no, just because of a lack of evidence – which, possibly, exists. If our world as we know it existed before and then was completely swallowed by the fires at the core – how could we really say Bob Dole may have been a past president or not? {Laughter}.

Okay, that’s a lame example but the point is really that simple that it is funny to me

that some people are so closed minded that they cannot believe in something unless they are told by a whole community, a whole society, a whole world media that it’s okay to believe in it because it has been accepted by the head jackass himself, fear!

In contrast, juxtaposed, on the other hand and, so on, and so on… it is today, January 9th, 2004! The scientific community has yet to announce that there is life on Mars. And, whereas, for the sake of lack of scientific validation, most people would denounce any claim that stated life exists on Mars without evidence being run through the stringent method of validating claims. Well, ladies and gentleman, let me announce right here and right now, life has existed on Mars!!!>>>   Now, I’m not saying for how long or when. Nevertheless, I am saying, yes!  Yes, as opposed to, no! Or even I don’t know!  Why?

Why not?!  (I have an intuition!…that tells me I am in accordance with the cosmos!)..

But, of course, I am an alien. I’ve always felt alienated - Alone inside my head yet not within the universe. Although it may never ever be proven, this comforts me.

But how could you deny it when you just don’t know?

And, because of this, many times, I feel as cold as Mars. And I could pass for nonexistent!”


The professor lifted his head and fixed his eyes in a confidant gaze.


“Professor, you just need a Cognac to warm you up! How about a few rounds at the Adams Apple?” –a student blurted out.


The professor was now alone at his desk. All the students had exited.

He pulled out his pen from his Ralph Lauren sport coat and cracked open his

distressed leather journal.  He began to write:


“The puppy doesn’t seem to mind the cold.

He sniffs and playfully crunches the snow.

Morning stars are picked for prayers.

Each one gets a name of a loved one –

One dear to my heart.

Shine on – This winter’s delight!

My fingers turned black – now half off

Beyond wounds.

My nose has flattened from frozen wind.

And still I walk and wait for the sunshine to bend.

Hours pass while I pray, dream, drift in faith.

The sun soldiers radiate arrows of light. It is dawn.

A majestically smiling sun is stimulating the east

-White blue sky and white covered earth-

Trees are nakedly frozen but exude so much life,

at least, to me.

My fingers have fallen off – My stubbish hands are black.

The situation smells and sings of a certain death; rebirth

Rejoice in misery; It’s organic!

The windows are frozen. The glass may very well just splinter.

The puppy wants out the door again.

I open it. Our breath we release is like fog.

And, yet, the sun is closer to us now – It’s such an opulent beast god.

It’s brilliant. Magnificent! Still, the weather is as cold as Mars.

My heart stirs; we must keep pressing onward!

The idiots cannot win! Ignorance, I denounce!


(Dead poets speak with more influence than most living men)


...(And, he’s read only a little poetry and has spoken with many men)….


Smells of coffee grinds are sickening to my bourbon breakfast but nice.

The street sounds sound like a symphony -

Tonight I’ll dance through my dreams in such delight!”


When he finished recording in his journal, the professor turned out the lights and casually walked out the classroom door. He wouldn’t go to the Adam’s Apple tonight but stop bye Zeno’s for some Belgian beer and some sexy scenery complete with old school freaks. He took another draw from a joint while walking alone through “The Mall” and toward the entrance of campus along College Ave and across from The Corner Room – He was laughing again at the thought that some of these freaks were probably vampires. “Some might even drink blood – I know I heard of one. What a trip!”


“Dr. Randall,” a student shouted! This student was particularly found of him and as so was he of him. “Hey,” he continued, “I want to hear some more about the sixties”.


January 9, 2004