Under A Blood Moon


a fat cat whistles...

"I find my Face

in a darkened sphere."

"I found my reality in

shadows dancing to

the rhythmic voids of


The city wrapped in

the coils of giant

freeways & curving


People & cars, the shiny

scales that flow with hypnotic

movement, Engulfing &

pushing back the past

while penetrating seconds

are born & framed

by solemn artists &

propagated madmen,

murderers & crazed


Her palm was sweet

but not like the color red

she painted her breasts

with that spring evening.

A thousand moths cling

to a street lamp.

A girl's death / and

a generation born.

Witnessed dreams

& strange lands

discovered in the shadows

of life.

My brain oozes existence,

no-thing gives me the thought

and enables me to spread

my wings and soar to another

scene of her film, The

Confrontation of Love.