The Secrecy of the Tiny Blood Root Flower


The Great

Rainbow Snake -

sign of fertility & protection.

Assurance of a good year.


The Feathered Snake -

a deity of the heavens

endowing us with its earthly



What if the lunar eclipse

is the ingestion of the

moon by a cosmic serpent?


"This shell is becoming

too small."

- Look for another one.


"As I move, my skin

is ripping."

- You're shedding time

& entering new cycles

of birth.


Radio is no longer

strange & electrified.

It no longer charters

unseen parts /

its predictable vibrations

no longer provoke

erratic and

spontaneous movement.


No longer do we

hear the eerie

sounds of basements

that invoke

powerful images

of unearthly


& awakenings.