Free Tibet
It's before dawn
A foghorn blows from the river
In the distance a train rocks the tracks
There's a snowstorm in Chicago
And I'm here in Pittsburgh
And I can feel it
I am meditating
Practicing subtle yoga poses
Deep in prayer
Deep in morning prayer
And it comes to me
It comes to me so I can
Write and share it in vain
If we free Tibet
We will be living up to our greatest
Potential as human be-ings.
That is it. That is why
This is so imperatively important.
You may laugh but you're only
Laughing at yourself and
The fear you have of be-ing free
Free Tibet.
So we may all be free.
By holding back Tibet's freedom,
Civilizations as we know it is stagnant
Like water of a small filthy pond
November 25, 2004
With Love -
Thank you Dalai Lama -
May your kingdom in Lhasa be free
-John A. Conte` JR-